Must Haves for Spring 2016

Although it seems quite early to start thinking about spring time since it's not even the new year, most major designers have released their spring collections on the runways as early as November. We're here to bring you the latest trends that you'll be seeing hit stores' racks soon in preparation for Spring 2016. 

1. Lace Everywhere

We've seen lace as a popular theme before in many spring seasons but this spring it's all about lace. Sheer lace dresses with subtle slips underneath seem to be the visual trend. Here's a D&G dress from our own collection that's a perfect example. Check out this lace dress and others from our dress collection.

2. 70s Suede

There's no doubt you've seen the suede skirt emerge this past fall from either your instagram feed or your famous celeb sporting the look. It mostly came in an English saddle/tan, but now it's coming on full force in every type of  color and clothing. From jackets, to shirts, to skirts, to dresses, there's suede everywhere. And the best part is, for whatever your style, you can't go wrong with any of these suede pieces for the spring season; and if you were ahead of the game, you can re-wear all that suede of yours from fall.

3. The Cold Shoulder 

Though the cold shoulder has been sporadically seen through the seasons for the last year, it's definitely a trend for this spring. It's been shown on almost every runway for the Spring 2016 season and as Harper's Bazaar always says, if you see three, that's a trend.

4. Tie-dye movement

Spring seems to be a 70s takeover. Not only suede but even tie-dye is coming back as well and not even in a subtle way. Tie-dye is everywhere and all over everything. 


5. Low Rise 

While high rise was the trend of the past year, low rise seems to be taking over again the pants scene which is more 90s style, while high rise was 70s. But whatever the pants you choose for fall make sure they're low rise and slouchy rather than high rise and super tight.