Top 10 LuxHave Must Haves for October

As we delve further into fall the more store roll outs we notice even better product this time around. We already saw the coveted boots, jewelry, jeans and bags from the last top 10 report, but this October we’re keeping you up to date with the next few must haves to add into your fall collection this month.

 The Chain Strap Bag

We first saw the chain strap bag make a big appearance last year as a popular smaller option bag for most girls on their nights out. Complete with a gold or silver chain gives the bag a little bling that adds something to your outfit. But now the chain strap bag is full force and comes in even bigger sizes for many uses. The chain look is still in and definitely a dominating trend among handbags this season.



Similar to superheroes but definitely more stylish than batman. Capes have become the new and improved poncho look (popular last fall and in earlier seasons). More of a a mix between a scarf and sweater, a cape is just a big, comfy, stylish wrap. These pieces are in almost every major designers' store this fall. It’s a perfect layering piece and even replacement coat for times when it hasn’t gotten too cold yet.



Weird that most of us have had bangs and now cringe at the idea of getting them again and taking a trip back to our 11 year old awkward stages. But this season the hottest celebrities are showing us that bangs can look fierce and show of your long lashes, if you’re fortunate enough to have them. Whether you get long, side swept or short and blunt your bangs will make a statement and go perfectly with your cutting edge style for fall.


 Fur Cuffed Jackets

As we head into the colder weather at the beginning of November, a must have for your closet is any coat with fur cuffs. Fur has always been an important fashion piece for fall and winter including vests, coats, and even furry on the outside shoes, but now its about the warmth on the inside and showing it off on the outside. Fur cuffs are truly the best of both worlds.

 Sleeves That Hide Your Hand

Longer sleeves that engulf your hands has just become one of the coolest things you can do in women’s fashion this month. Not only is it obviously comfy because you feel warmth from it, it also gives off the effect of a longer and skinnier looking arm and who doesn’t want that?



As the weather gets chillier it’s all about covering your legs but still showing them off a bit. Rips, holes, tears or solid, tights in general are taking over the runway. They’re being shown under those summer going out shorts you don’t want to give up just yet and the mini skirts we introduced last issue of the top 10 must haves. Tights just help to give a more street and edgy look and this fall they’re making a statement.



Obviously seeing plaid on this list is nothing new to anyone who’s been in a store within the past 10 years. Plaid is everywhere and we love it. Scarves, jackets, vests, flannel shirts, boots, skirts and bags. If Burberry taught us nothing, it’s that plaid is timeless and chic. The most famous red plaid pattern is dominating right now because of its classic look. But whatever item you decide to get in plaid this fall, make sure you get lots of it because plaid isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Lady Loafers

Although some find this new style trend questionable there’s no doubt it’s been shown on every runway and in every fall look book. The name may throw you off but in reality the loafer is just a thick, lower heel much like the chunky heeled boot. The lady loafer is here to make the statement that stilettos aren't the only cool heel on the runway. Why not be trendy and more comfortable?


Sparkling Gowns

As a girl, who wouldn’t love wearing something shiny and gorgeous that takes on the full attention of the room you’re in? This fall is all about the glitter and the bling on gowns and other dresses to make them pop. And the more the merrier. Some are decked out head to toe and completely crystal covered while others have strategic design in other places for just a bit of shine. Either way this fall definitely isn’t about being subtle in any way. If you’re going to wear a ball gown why not shine?



Just like last year and countless previous years since the 80s, leather is back again. Like plaid, its versatile and goes with nearly anything. Obviously a leather jacket is a must have and they’ve only been getting better in recent years. And this year they’re being seen to dress up plain looking turtlenecks and give them a little more flare. Leather leggings from last year are becoming even more popular with the resurgence of them again this year. One of the most popular leather pants are the paneled leather leggings with cute patches of leather on the sides in case you’re against the full leather pants look. Leather, leather, leather! Fall and winter will always be all about that leather.