How to get an Hermes Birkin Bag

People often wonder why it’s so hard to find a Birkin. It seems either they never have them in stock or you’re put on a waiting list for months. Her are some tricks to get around the stress of having to wait forever to get the bag you want, especially in time for the holidays.


  1. Being a platinum credit card holder can work to your advantage.

There’s been stories that circulate the internet about tons of people that once they used their platinum cards got to make multiple orders for a couple of brand new Birkin’s. Being familiar with big purchases can definitely be an advantage.


  1. Dress for the part.

As bad as it may seem, current Birkin bag owner’s have admitted to knowing the sales associates do discriminate based on what you wear. If there’s one Birkin in the back and someone comes dressed less extravagantly than someone else, they’re more willing to be lied to and told the bag is sold out. Someone who’s confident and dressed to impress is more likely to be given the last Birkin available in stock just simply because they look like they should be carrying the bag.


  1. Sometimes it’s just luck.

Patrick Thomas, ex-CEO of Hermes reveals although there’s a 2 year waiting list that sometimes there have been stories of those who walk into a Paris Hermes for the first time and got a Birkin without being on the list or a loyal customer. There’s really nor formula to it as much as some would like to think.


     4. Try sites like LuxHave and Tradesy!

You might be skeptical but you’d be surprised the amount of bags of all different kinds that are listed on Tradesy everyday.  And even check out right here on our site! They might sell out quickly but browsing the web to find a Birkin bag you love and at a discounted price, never hurts, especially since Birkins aren’t available online via the Hermes site.