Top 5 Classic Handbags

The Speedy Louis Vuitton

Aside from being the most popular and coveted Louis Vuitton bag within the brand, The Speedy is also a classic outside of just LV. Perhaps for its ideal size and adequate space, or its iconic checkered/monogrammed print. Not only is it absolutely adorable and elegant, being that its one of the most popular bags ever from a luxury designer, the price is relatively manageable compared to other brands prices for their classic bags.




The Chanel Flap-Over Bag

There’s no question why is so iconic. Considering the bag turned 60 years old this year it’s obvious it's been able to maintain its popularity through decades of trend changes and yet it hasn’t disappeared. The quilted leather design and long chain shoulder strap are an original Coco Chanel design that’s being mimicked in every major designer’s bag selections today.



Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag

This bag is different from your typical handbags but considered a classic simply because of its uniqueness. Many adore that the motorcycle bag is made from softer, lighter leather than your typical leather bag. The lighter leather gives it a much different look than a thick leather bag which is why many find it so appealingly different. Balenciaga also has the most gorgeous and various colors for the motorcycle bag, ensuring there’s a bag for every motorcycle bag admirer.



Hermes Birkin Bag

Over the years this bag still remains as “the bag to have.” All kinds of celebrities from fashion models, to more business type women have this gorgeous bag. Because of its simplicity, classiness, and varying sizes it goes well with any kind of style, making it a universal favorite. For many reasons, some just due to personal preference, the Hermes Birkin has been and will continue to be considered a “collectible” and the most sought after bag worldwide.


Lady Dior Bag

Truly a “hand” bag, no pun intended. Christian Dior’s purpose for the bag was for it be handheld to give the effect of an ideal, delicate Lady. Its unique woven design is what makes it so elegant, modeled after Napoleon III’s chair design. The Lady Dior is so classic because it’s one of the more feminine bags Dior makes. Its smallish size is ideal for just the right amount of things you need to have on your person on a daily basis.