Top 5 Most Famous Shoe Designers

The fastest way to a woman’s heart is obviously through the soles of her feet, or rather what you put on them. Shoes aren't just simply used to walk around in so our feet don’t get dirty. Maybe they used to be, but now they’re the accessory that can complete any stylish outfit. Here are five of only the best of the best shoe designers of our time, who keep on creating the item women love the most.

Christian Louboutin

Louboutins are perhaps the most coveted shoe of all time. Any girls dream is to eventually walk in a pair of informally known “red bottoms”. Christian Louboutin revolutionized footwear when he made the typical high heel even higher than before and added all types of crazy looks to them, like high platforms and bedazzled out pumps. But whatever the design, Louboutins remain to be one of if not the most popular shoe in the world.


Jimmy Choo

The name Jimmy Choo in the shoe world is like the name DiCaprio in the movie industry. Probably tied with Christian Louboutin in popularity, the two are leaders of the industry. Choo has provided many celebrities with shoes to strut the red carpet in for countless award shows which perhaps since it was established has been the reason for its popularity. Being so celebrity focused, the brand has been able to establish itself as a women’s luxury shoe brand built on class and glamour due to the celebrities its had strutting their stuff in it.


 Manolo Blahnik

Only 30 years old Manolo Blahnik’s brand has managed to sky rocket in a short amount of time. The brand is famous for making the stiletto heel what it is today. Ranging from intricate to bland there are all types of Manolo’s out there for anyone. Again, like the others it has caught the attention of those more well off and created a fan base mostly within this community.


 Giuseppe Zanotti

It should come as no surprise that this gorgeous brand of shoes is Italian. Created back in the 1980s, Zanotti opened his first store in Milan, Italy. Not only does he have his own beautiful line of shoes but he’s gone as far as designing shoes for other major designers as well. Being a native Italian, he has an international advantage over other shoe makers especially coming from a country well known for their high quality history in the shoe business. His designs are very unique and outlandish but still glamourous and seen all over the red carpet.


Stuart Weitzman

Aside from many owning his coveted over-the-knee boots, this isn't a common name you’d see for heels in many households. Unless of course you know someone who won an Oscar recently. Besides having a store in Beverly Hills and his shoes being desired by almost everyone, Weitzman designs the shoe for the Academy Award winners each year worth up to one million dollars. He is famous for using odd materials to craft his designs like cork and vinyl making his shoes literally one-of-a-kind.