The Top 5 Classic Louis Vuitton Bags

If you’re truly a lover of fashion, you probably appreciate the classics because you realize they’re not something that’ll fade in and out with every season. More specifically, with the style of bags changing so rapidly it's nice to be able to have a bag that you’ll never have to put away until it comes back into style. That’s why this list of Louis Vuitton bags will be your guide to the top five most timeless bags by one of the best hand bag designers in history.

The Speedy Bag

If you haven’t heard of the LV Speedy where have you been virtually all of your life.  The Speedy is easily the most famous and most classic of the Louis Vuitton bags. Now coming in different variations of size from tiny shoulder bag to travel carry-on, the Speedy is such a sensible purse and must have item. With its boxier shape than most bags, it’s able to hold all that junk you insist on needing to have with you at all times. You can’t go wrong with the most popular traditional LV monogram print, but in recent years it’s been sold in checkered plaid brown and cream and solid colors.

The Neverfull MM

This tote says everything about it in the name. The Neverfull is a timeless classic! Like majority of LV bags it’s most famous for its monogram print. The bag is ironically and also predictably never full. Use it day-to-day or use it to travel, carrying extra snacks and even clothes, it’s not like anything will be squished. Undeniably second to the Speedy in its popularity, the Neverfull will also never go out of style.


The Pont-Neuf

You probably haven’t heard of this bag by name a lot unless you’re a handbag coinsure. It’s the most plain of the classics and sometimes even unrecognizable for a LV. Its known for its solid neutral colors but definitely still handy and classy. It has the perfect amount of space and a look that compares to most other designers typical bland bag but with a chic LV touch to it.

 The Noe

With it’s upright shape, it most closely resembles the Alma. Definitely a classic and comes complete with a drawstring close. And with its different strap length options it's great for a close hold or low hanging shoulder bag. It is so famous and timeless that lately its style has been mimicked and sold this year as what most people would call the bucket bag. Well here’s where they get their inspiration.

 The Alma

This bag is actually quite similar to the Speedy in its shape, except it’s a little taller, possibly for bigger, upright items. One of the more stylish bags, its quite the fan-favorite and even more so recently with its modern glossy leather coat in popular colors like a chocolate brown and bright red. Like the Speedy, it comes in a couple varying sizes for what ever amount of room you may need.