Five Must Have Classic Chanel Pieces

No one can possibly deny Coco Chanel of the legacy she created. Anywhere you go and you see those two mirror image interlocking C’s, there’s no doubt in your mind who designed that beautiful piece. But in case you don’t know her brand well enough or you’re interested in learning what fashion items first launched her brand to be one of the most famous in the world, here’s a list of the top five pieces any fashionista will recognize.

Chanel No. 5


There’s no question Chanel No. 5 is the most infamous perfume. Worn by all rich mean girls in your favorite books, tv shows and movies, it made its mark as THE perfume. Created in 1921 and flying off the shelves ever since, Chanel No. 5 is known all over for its artificial scent. Unless production seizes in the near future, there’s no way this perfume is going anywhere.

The 2.55 quilted bag

Coco Chanel became the queen of quilted leather bags when she made the 2.55 bag in 1955. Its chain strap and latch close button are still mimicked on most bags to this day. The bag was perfect for any use back then but now more commonly used for going out due to its small size. Even though its petite it can still hold all the essentials while making you look very chic and sophisticated .

Two–Toned Shoes

Whether you already own them or not most people are familiar with the two toned ballet flat and its iconic double C’s on the toe. First a flat then evolving to a heel, then espadrilles and now for more modern day– two-toned slip on sneakers. This trend has taken over despite it being invented nearly 60 years ago in 1957.


The Grand Shopping Tote

Although the idea of a huge tote bag didn’t originate from Coco Chanel herself, her tote bag did become one of the most famous and well known totes. Similar to her other bags, the tote keeps the classic chain strap. The only difference to the 2.55 is that because its not a flap bag that can be clasped closed, obviously, the iconic C’s were stitched into the design of the quilted bag in big lettering. It’s the perfect size for someone who’s constantly traveling with a lot of belongings.

Faux Pearls


Every girl who’s ever been in a 10 mile radius of a catholic school or country club knows faux pearls to be the biggest trend since what seems like the beginning of time. Invented in 1924, more than 90 years later pearls are still everywhere. Back then pearl necklaces were most popular and today its become the pearl earring. Many fashion magazines and commentators consider it truly “revolutionary”.